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USA Visa Lottery Application for Nigerians

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USA Visa lottery 2022 application for Nigerians as well as other nations is now open. It is open for Nigerians and other countries. USA visa lottery for 2022 to portal, which was launched on October 3 and closes on november 6.

A huge number of people around the globe will be pursuing their American desires this month after the State Department has opened the annual green card lottery, also referred to as the lottery for diversity.

The State Department said Tuesday that it had opened the lottery for visas, which will make the lottery available to 50,000 visas in fiscal 2022 through a random draw.

Visas are available through the Diversity Immigrant Visa program for those birthed in any of the the six geographic regions.Recipients of these visas will be later selected randomly.

USA visa lottery 2022 application is open to Nigerians and other countries Online application for the lottery of 2022 started Tuesday and runs through November. 6. A single country is not eligible for over 7 percent visas. In addition, the State Department has published an online list of nations and regions in which natives can apply for. There are also online instructions on how to apply for the visa and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to start the application process.

The program was launched thirty years ago in order to improve the number of immigrants who can enter in the United States. The applicants must are not related to family or a job that can help them, as well as those who have no refugee status. High school graduation and two years of working experience are needed.

Trump Donald Trump called for the end of the program following a man from Central Asian state of Uzbekistan who gained entry into America United States through the green card lottery, killed 8 people from New York in October 2017. Trump later urged Congress to end the program for lottery winners and to replace it the “more merit-based system.”

“I will ask Congress to immediately begin efforts to end this program, called diversity. The lottery for diversity. Sounds nice. It’s not good. It’s not a good thing,” the man stated.

Despite Trump’s requests for support, the Senate passed several immigration laws this spring. These included some which included plans backed by Trump. In the final days of June lawmakers in the House of Representatives also failed to pass significant immigration legislation following several weeks of deliberations and contradictory statements from Trump.

So, the registration process is to be completed in the USA visa lottery 2022 for Nigerians and other countries.

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