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Is Theobarth Grant Real

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Are you looking for answers to Is Theobarth Grant Real then you are in the right web page with all the necessary information.

In short The Theobarth grant isn’t genuine The grant is a scam, as they gather your personal details to defraud you of your funds after you sign up. If they don’t manage to make the money from you, they’ll sell your personal information or attempt to steal into your account at banks. Whichever way you’ll lose out if you’re eligible into one of the Theobarth award, the choice is all up to you.

If you’re not looking to be a victim of loss and are seeking genuine investment opportunities as an Nigerian look into this guide to legitimate investments that are available in Nigeria.

Is Theobarth Grant Real
Is Theobarth Grant Real

There are some websites which help legitimate the Theobarth grant, but you need be cautious not to fall for the trap.

It is believed that the Theobarth Global Foundation and its criminals claim that they’re still in contact with officials from the Federal Government to make sure of the speed of disbursement via The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as well as to ensure that the money is distributed to the correct people. If you do inquire about the CBN you’ll discover that there’s not any Theobarth grant disbursement happening.

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