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Covenant University School Fees

Are you looking for Covenant University School Fees then you are on the right web page with all necessary information.

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Are you looking for Covenant University School Fees then you are on the right web page with all necessary information.

Are you adamant about Covenant University (CU) as your top choice of institution for the UTME registration process or do you would like to know more regarding Covenant University school fees?

Covenant University popularly known as CU has announced its fees for school for new students as well as the courses that will be offered in 2022/23 academic session. Students are advised to pay the time to pay in order to avoid any extra fees for late payments.

Please be aware it is important to note that Covenant University (CU) school fees for students of 100 levels for the academic session 2022/2023 as listed on the following table was divided into various courses as well as their tuition fees.

Covenant University School Fees

Covenant University (CU)is one of the top private universities with the highest cost just behind Landmark University and American University of Nigeria

The table below is thoroughly explained as it lists the classes offered by Covenant University and their school costs schedule for the academic year for new students (100 students of the Level)

Similar to most private schools in Nigeria The Covenant University School fees are reduced as students progress to higher in their education, and students are advised to study the book thoroughly to obtain the most important information necessary for paying their tuition in time.

In the event of late payment, it could result in additional costs and not paying the charges on time will cause the student to be unable to sit for the semester exam.

If you read this information after reading this information, you will be aware about the following points:

A) Covenant University school fees for the academic session 2022/2023

B) Covenant University school fees for Accounting

C) Covenant University school fees for all Engineering Courses

D) Covenant University school fees for Law and all other classes at the university.


All students who are new to the school must pay tuition fees for the academic session 2022/23 in advance to the banks in accordance with the approval of the school’s management.

For all the things that could be of concern, please refer to the following: Covenant University school fees for all courses in the 2022/2023 academic session. fees for all school courses.

According to the administration the management, all new students have to pay the below-listed fees:

  • Tuition/exam/registration fee of N472,000 per session (First and second semester)
  • Hostel Accommodation fee of N185,000
  • A Utility Fee of 75,000 Naira per session
  • ICT Development fund of N25,000)
  • Labs/workshop/studio fee of (N40,000)
  • ICT training fees N30,000 for ICT training
  • The virtual library is N15,000
  • WiFi internet, N15,000
  • Matriculation – N15,000
  • Identification Card fee – N15,000
  • The results verification number is N5,000.
  • TMC & Vision 10-2022 kit fee – N15,000.
  • EDS fee of N6,000 across the board
  • College Dues – N2,000.
  • Field excursion – N7,500
  • Caution Fee – N25,000
  • Book – N15,000
  • Medical deposit – N10,000
  • Medical Test – N15,000
  • Tool and coat for labs Engineering students about N25,000 (Engineering students) While students of
  • Laboratory coats and tools to Biochemistry, Microbiology and Industrial Physics/Maths students . N7,000

In summary of the charges and fees that are due to any new students accepted into Covenant University, Ogun state, you should note the following information in the below quote;

Fresh Engineering students must pay one million, two hundred five hundred Nigerians only (N1,002,500) for each session.

New students studying Microbiology/industrial Physics/Mathematics/Industrial Physics and Biochemistry are required to pay N984,500 per semester (first and second semesters)

Students who are admitted to Accounting International Relations, Policies & Strategic Studies, Political Science and English Language students will be charged nine hundred and seven hundred and fifty Nigeria only (N977,500) for each semester (first and second semesters)

Psychotherapy and counseling Architectural, Computer Science industrial Chemistry, Building Technology, Estate Management, Biology and Management Information Science students are required to pay ninety-nine seventy seven million five hundred naira (N977,500) for each session

Then those who have been admitted to Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Demography & Social Statistics, Economics, Industrial Relations & Human Resources and Sociology are required to pay nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand five hundred naira during the period (N937,500).

Below is the table that outlines the CU fees for schooling for all courses that are offered during the academic session of 2022/2023;

S/NProgrammeFees in Naira
2.Banking & Finance937,500
3.Business Administration937,500
4.Demography & Social Statistics937,500
6.Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management937,500
7.International Relations977,500
9.Policy & Strategic Studies977,500
10.Political Science977,500
11.English Language977,500
14.Mass Comm./Publ. Rel. & Advert.977,500
16.All Engineering Courses1,002,500
17.Computer Science977,500
20.Ind. / Physics/Mathematics984,500
21.Ind. Chemistry984,500
22.Building Technology977,500
24.Estate Management977,500
Covenant University School Fees

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